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1.   The SEO training for beginners have made me an expert in all the SEO techniques. After completion of this course, I got so many job offers. I joined Genpact, and I am earning very well. Thank You BitraEdu for your full support.
    - Prasad Achary (SEO)
2.   I have done Web Designing course at BitraNet. I have learned Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. All the faculty members & senior employees trained us very well and half of our batch got placed in BitraNet itself. Few joined Cognizant as Web Designers. 
    - Chinta V Subrahmanyam (Web Designer)
3.   I thank you BitraEdu team for contacting me for PHP / SQL / Dream weaver course. If they would not have contacted me then I would not have joined their training course. I successfully completed the course and got placed in Infosys Hyd. Thanks once again BitraEdu.
    - P. Srinivas Reddy (Web Developer)
4.   As a trainee I have learned many things at BitraNet. All the trainers were very talented and co-operative. I have developed a shopping cart website on my own. The trainers are very helping and guide us for interviews as well.  
    - Vara Lakshmi (Web Developer)

The instructorís proficiency in technology and leadership skills offers superior training to any other training provider in the BitraNet. What a great organization you are. The central location all contribute to a quality learning environment.

    - Abhilash Raju.CH (Web Developer)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of my instructions.  They had a genuine concern for my success.  They were always willing to take the time to explain things and make sure that I had learned from their teachings.  I found that they were very knowledgeable in the areas they taught.


    - Leela Narasimha (Web Developer)
7.   I am highly impressed and very thankful to BitraNet for this Practical training. You are ours and we are yours. I can say it is the best experience I have ever had. I'm thankful.
    - SNEHASISH ISWARARY (Web Developer)

I really enjoyed the training and I know that what you have trained will continue to help me change my life in a fantastic way. Thanks for BitraNet Team.

    - M.Sandeep (Web Developer)
9.   I am very happy with the BitraNet team. They made a very attractive website and helped me to change the new look and feel of my website
    - Anvesh.A (Web Developer)

I found a fantastic team at BitraNet with whom we can depend on to understand web development strategies and transition them to high-end tactics. ThanQ very much for BitraNet Training Division.

    - Vinay Kumar.A (Web Developer)

Before I took the Advance training course, I had an intermediate level of Web Development understanding. Not only am expert, but also very much confidence to handled any Project, this course has taught me an entire new way of approaching a web Developer.

    - Raja Mouli.A (Web Developer)
12.   I am so grateful for the training gave to me. I am able to use everything you taught me in every website project I do.  I highly recommend all webmaster to take your Training Course. Thank you so much for BitraNet Training Division.
    - Kishore Kumar.A (Developer)

This type of quality training program could only be put together by people like you who have lived and really worked in this company. If a person is serious about becoming a Web developer, I canít imagine where they could get any better training.  Thanks for BitraNet.

    - Aravind Pavirala (Web Developer)

I feel I have spent my money wisely. I have been to many trainings yours is truly the best. Thanks for your support.

    - S.Praveen Kumar (Web Developer)

I feel you covered an incredible amount of information. I was very impressed with this training and your professionalism Thank you for all your support and help.

    - Vara Prasad.P (Developer)
16.   I have been through a lot of training classes. This was the ďbestĒ training I have ever had. I like the hands on part mixed with the classroom instruction... This is money well spent. Heart fully thanks to BitraNet.
    - MARCO SHEHATA (South Africa) (Developer)

Glad I picked BitraNet Training.  I was apprehensive going into this but Chandra Sekhar erased all doubts. Instructor instilled confidence and was very informative. Your capability to acquire and retain instructors of this quality speaks for itself.  I definitely picked the right company to train with. Thanks for BitraNet

    - V.Venkat Rama Rao (Web Developer)

I just wanted to thank everyone at BitraNet. The training course gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a successful Web Developer.

    - K.Siva Mathaji (Web Developer)

Your people are unbelievable. My instructor Mr. Chandra Sekhar was fantastic. I very, very much enjoyed your passionate and professional training and I am happy that I could took part as one of the trainee in BitraNet Training.

    - Richa Negi (Dehradun) (Web Developer)

Thank you so much for everything you guys did. You are great teachers and I really enjoyed being in your class. If you ever have a position open there please keep me in mind. I would love to work with you. Thanks to BitraNet Training.

    - T.Sudheer (Web Developer)
21.   Wonderful experience! Very hands on, with great instructors. What I learned from the class has provided me with great job opportunities. I would recommend the class to anyone interested in the web developing.Thanks For BitraNet Training.
    - Dimpy Panwar (Dehradun) (Web Developer)

Iíve fully enjoyed Web Developing course in BitraNet, a perfect combination of advanced practical tips and tricks. Thanks for BitraNet Training.

    - Chetana Reddy (Web Developer)

Thanks to BitraNet staff for providing their services to all. keep up the great work.
You made the training, interesting and engaging which I found a real benefit and the tools of knowledge you supplied me which can be used everyday to empower and improve the way I work. Thank you again to BitraNet Training Division.

    - Charan.M (Web Developer)

Your delivery was outstanding and I just love your training, way of handling the trainees- it is definitely something we all should be striving for. Thanks to BitraNet Training.

    - S.Supriya (Web Developer)

 I wanted to pass on to you my sincere thanks for the fantastic Training that I attended at the BitraNet. Thanks For BitraNet Team.

    - G.Priyanka (U.S.A) (Developer)

What can I say the course was excellent, not like any other course I have ever been on before.I have taken on board and implemented so many parts of the course already. The team are now gelling so well it is so refreshing. The course was put across with such passion and so much enthusiasm that it inspired me to take the course material further within our own team.

Thanks to Bitra Net.


    - Rama Krishna Chittala (Web Developer)
27.   I am thankful to BitraNet Training for providing very good training and lab facility. And also my sincere thanks to them for helping me to get my first job.
    - Rama krishna Kurru (PHP Programer)
28.   When I have come from Orissa I was looking for a training institution who can also provide placement genuine assistance. Thanks to BitraNet Training for giving me my first job and also providing excellent training.
    - Sidhartha Sankar Rout (Web Developer)
29.   I want to express my sincere thanks to BitraNet Training for giving me complete practical training. And their extended customer service of giving free domain helped me to develop my own website and present that during my interviews.
    - Bikash Ranjan (Bhubaneswar) (Web Developer)
30.   I have come from Bangalore to learn Web Developer Training. After attending Demo Classes at different institutions, I have taken training at BitraNet Training. I am very happy to say that I learn Web Technologies and training here was excellent. Now am able to bag my first job with decent salary.
    - Manu Kumar (Bangalore) (Web Developer)
31.   Before I have started my career as Quality Analyst. But I have chosen BitraNet Training to enhance my career. Thanks to BitraNet Training for wonderful practical training. With their placement assistance am able to get my job.
    - Pushpalatha (Web Developer)
32.   I search for many institutions at Hyderabad before I choose BitraNet Training for Web Development Training. Now, am confidently going back to my duty to make my departmentís website and intranet Portals. Thanks once again to BitraNet Training.
    - Sudhakar Pucha (Web Developer at Police Department)
33.   I was very skeptical about choosing Web Development as my career. But after joined at BitraNet Training, I gain confidence and got my first job with their placement assistance.
    - Naresh Kolichelam (Web Developer)
34.   I am thankful to BitraNet Training. I learn thoroughly all the web concepts especially database connectivity concepts and able to get the job with their placement assistance.
    - Ashok Reddy (Web Developer)

Thanks to BitraNet Training. Though I have trained in many institutions, at BitraNet I learn Web Development Concepts thoroughly. With their standards of practical teaching am able to launch a commercial website for engineering aspirants and I become small entrepreneur.

    - Hari Krishna (Web Developer)
36.   BitraNet training able to make it very understandable and I walked away knowing that I could recreate what you taught us with my own material. Thank you very much.
    - Srinivas Rao.G (Web Designer)
37.   Iím very glad to BitraNet training program, now i know Photoshop, Dream viewer, Video conversion, and flash in web design.
    - Jaya lakshmi (Web Designer)
38.   I think I can say that on behalf of everyone in the class, thank you, and that this was a wonderful class, it was a pleasure to get to know BitraNet and learn so much like photoshope, Dreamvear, Micromedia, flash, vedio convertionÖ.I am just glad.
    - Padhmaja (Web Designer)
39.   Thanks so much for everything. I really enjoyed the training. It is a lot for me to take in, but at least now I have an understanding of the flash  and how it works.
    - V.Kalyan (Flash Designer)
40.   I just wanted to thank you for an excellent training.  I canít tell you what a breath of fresh air you were with your style and expertise.Now Iím good enough in Flash design
    - Anil (Web Designer)
41.   I found the course to be of the highest quality. The course was concise, well focused and easy-to-understand.
    - Mohameed Matheen Khan (Web Designer)
42.   Training was both educational and enjoyable! I feel I learned a lot in a short space of time and I have no hesitation in recommending Bitra Training as an instructor to anyone with an interest in Flash and HTML!
    - R.Balaraju (Web Designer)
43.   Most training programs provide knowledge. The specialty of this program is that it defines how to act and implement effectively. It is an excellent training.
    - V.V.N.Srinivasa Rao R (Web Developer)
44.   This training gives a solid start to PHP. I feel that I can speak intelligently now about PHP and its applications. Now i have a confidence to develop an e-commerce portal individually.
    - Praghna (Web Developer)
45.   I will thank BitraNet training division for giving an opportunity to freshers to work in a live project. All of the instructors were great presenters / interesting course.
    - Naga Phani (Developer)
46.   When I joined BitraNet, I was not having any idea of web development. After completing the training Iím confident to handle live projects. Itís a good course - well thought out and complete coverage of subject.
    - Praveen Kumar (Developer)
47.   Course was great; I got a great knowledge in Web development. I got very good support from the seniors in web development. I gained a knowledge on web technology (PHP, Web appsÖ)
    - D. Anil Kumar (Developer)
48.   I learnt a lot on web based technology. Now Iím good enough in developing e-Commerce kind of website. The training was excellent and the information priceless. Thank you for your training.
    - Shanti Chepuru (Developer)
49.   It was refreshing to attend training where the facilitators were so well versed on the topics. I can manage all CMS based sites .Also got an opportunity to work in live projects in web development where no other company will provide.
    - Sree Lakshmi (Developer)
50.   We used to work on live projects. The best part is to get hosting & domain in our name which is completely free for one year. Now I can do server side web works. Overall, training class was EXCELLENT from the accommodations to lecturers presenting the materials.
    - Srinivas Reddy (Developer)
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PHP / MySQL Batch
Duration: 180 Days
Training Hours: 8 hrs per Day
Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Full Time
Status: Available
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Web Designers Batch
Duration: 90 Days
Training Hours: 8 hrs per Day
Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Full Time
Status: Available
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SEO Training Expert
Duration: 60 Days
Training Hours: 8 hrs per Day
Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Full Time
Status: Available
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